The Difference Between A Trader And A Stock Broker

Have you ever wondered what defines a stock broker and a trader and why the two are not one and the same thing? Well, you are not alone. Most people actually use these two words interchangeably, perhaps because they both are involved in the transfer of securities. The fact, however, is that these two are worlds apart. So what’s the difference between a trader and a stock broker?

Stock brokers act more or less as sales agents. What this means is that stock brokers works to connect those interested in securities with prospective buyers and sellers. The brokers earn a commission for every sale that goes through. For stock brokers to be successful, they have to work hard to form networks and create relationships as their performance is based on their ability to bring in security traders and keep them interested in the securities market.

Traders on the other hand buy and sell securities on behalf of the employers who in most cases happen to be investment firms. Traders take their time to analyze the market and the different trading options available. Most traders have a background in finance. They employ the knowledge gained through education coupled with experience gained in the securities market to make decisions that serve the purpose of their firms.

While most brokers are outgoing, traders can be introverts but are required to be exceptionally good in math and finance in general. This is not to mean that traders should lack proper negotiation and networking skills. Traders need to communicate their decisions on whether to buy or sell certain securities to the brokers and convince the brokers to make this happen.

From the above points therefore it is clear that a stock trader is higher up the food chain and brokers often work for the traders. It is however possible to find traders who double up as brokers. A stock broker on the other hand will rarely act as trader. Exceptionally good stock brokers may rise up the corporate ladder with time to become stock traders. Their good performance however needs to be backed by academic qualifications as most investment firms consider these to be a major requirement.

Traders generally earn more that the brokers and they have a more stable income compared to their counterparts. The actual amount however differs depending on the employer and the terms of employment. The stock broker’s income is pegged on the number of sales made and brokers with a lot of sales may even earn more that the traders. More information about a stock broker career can be found at this web address.

How to Be Frugal While Shopping- 4 Reliable Rules

Trying to be frugal while shopping can often seem like an impossible task. But that needn’t be the case! Here are some tips that show you how to be frugal while shopping whilst still being able to buy the things that you need. They’ll lower your spending habits and take you out of the red into the black. Being frugal doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality!

1. Beware of Brands!

Here’s the challenge: next time you do a big shop for groceries, buy the non-branded version. If the difference in quality is really noticeable, then by all means switch back to the branded product. But usually non-branded products are far cheaper, and often the quality is exactly the same. Ditching branded cereal for the non branded version can save you a lot of money. Try to do the same with all of your branded products and you’ll find out which brands are worth it and which aren’t.

2. Be Flexible

One tactic that stores use is to put items on offer (or on sale) in the hope that you will buy it and develop loyalty to that particular product. When the price is raised back up, they hope that you’ll keep buying the same product. Don’t. Instead concentrate on buying what’s on offer and don’t find yourself getting hooked on any one product or brand. Variety is the spice of life, so if that means that drinking apple juice rather than orange juice, so be it!

3. Bulk food bargains

You’ll be amazed how cheap some things become when you buy in bulk. Many people cook with a lot of carbohydrates each month. Pasta and rice are available to purchase in most Superstores in bulk. Pasta, rice and most pulses keep for a long time, so it doesn’t affect the food quality. Rather than buying pasta four times a month, you’ll find that you can half your bill by buying a large quantity once a month.

4. Coupons Cut Prices

Just like with offers, coupons are designed to get you hooked on a particular brand or product. But if you’re savvy and only buy products when coupons make them cheaper, then you can work them to your advantage and buy products cheaply. Often coupons, because they’re aimed to promote the product, make the product available for less money than it cost to produce. Take advantage of this and you can get a real bargain which saves you money and gets you a quality product.

Top Coupon Websites

People who are looking for coupon websites in 2014 can end up saving up to ninety percent on their shopping. Coupon websites are becoming some of the fastest growing websites in terms of online sales. The following websites are among the top coupon websites:


Groupon has coupons for services and products, giving you the possibility to benefit from the best deals that you can find for your area. You can get over four thousand different codes to choose from. The list of deals is updated on a regular basis, so there is always a coupon for something that you want to buy. The most popular feature is the one called “deal-of-the-day”. is another great website for people who are in the search for bargains. With a list of thousands of offers available, features a savings tracker that helps users to find out exactly how much they can save if they use the codes.

Living Social

Living Social is a website that promises to help you find the best deals in your area, because it is known how hard it can be to go out there and find everything by yourself. The social part of your life is the focus of the site. The interface is really easy to use and friendly.


If you want to obtain discounts for computer hardware, this site is the right one to choose. There are other deals as well, such as travel deals and apparel discounts. A forum exists for users who want to post about various other promotions and share their experiences.


This is an Australian website that features deals in the form of forum posts. From all the posts, only the best deals are displayed. These deals are related to applications for smartphones and tablets. The offers are not only for Australia, as they are meant for people from all over the world.

Surviving the Stores

Surviving the Stores can provide high quality products at low prices. These prices are meant to fight against other stores where the prices are already exaggerated. There is also a guide on the website for those who need some couponing strategies.


If you are from the United States, this website is exactly for you. It contains deals for different types of items and gadgets that people use regularly. You can get cheap binoculars, speakers, laptops, cappuccino machines, toys for children and other useful items.


The website is dedicated to citizens of the United Kingdom. It is like a community in which different individuals can share deals with others. The site also includes Amazon deals for international users and it has a mobile version for smartphone users.

Online Hotel Rental Website Comparison

If you’re going to look for a good hotel to stay in while out of town then you will clearly have to check on hotels based on many factors. An online hotel rental website can help you with not only reserving nights in certain hotels but also with comparing the different options you can utilize.

What Rates Are There?

There are many great things that you can look into when it comes to finding different rates for certain hotels. A great comparison site can help you look into many aspects including the following.

  • The overall rates for different types of rooms can be checked upon.
  • Any special offers that a hotel has can also be provided. For instance, if you were in Las Vegas then you could get information on things like free vouchers at the restaurants at a casino resort.
  • Details on specific seasonal options may be provided. This can include something like off-peak discounts for hotels in spots like the Outer Banks or Gulf Coast.

What About Bonuses?

Some bonuses may also be provided on a comparison site:

  • You might learn about how you can get discounts on car rentals in conjunction with a hotel reservation.
  • Details on any deals that come with certain airline service providers may also be listed.
  • If there are free upgrade offers then you might get information on such a comparison site.

Check the Features

The price and offer for a hotel isn’t the only thing that you need to think about. You will have to check on such points as the following:

  • Is free online access available? If so, is it a wireless form?
  • Does the room have full bathrooms that include shower spaces, a sink and other important amenities?
  • Is there free food at the place? Many places will offer free continental breakfast options.
  • Are there are valet options at the hotel?
  • Is there a good parking space at the hotel? Some spots will offer private parking lots that can only be accessible to those who have reservations at a hotel.
  • What attractions are near the hotel? Some hotels are near some good business spaces, shopping spots and restaurants. The best ones may be close to mass transit stations that will let you get into the most densely-populated or popular parts of a city.

Online hotel rental websites can be great to find but you need to compare options with one another. Every hotel is unique so be sure you compare options with one another so you’ll find a choice that you know will be sensible and strong for the demands you might have when heading out to some place.

Ways You Can Build Your Wealth

There are many ways that can be used to generate wealth but many people are not aware of all the possibilities. Some may seems simple and other can be a tad more complex, but regardless, it is important to take some time and seek out effective methods that can be used to gain more wealth. When you have the right techniques and implement them, you will be assured of generating income and increasing your net worth. Again, there are a lot of methods that can be used and it’s encouraged that you try each one listed in this post. Let’s begin!

Create a Five Year Finance Goal

The first strategy is to have a clear 5-year Finance goal. Whether it be creating a $6,000 emergency fund, stashing away 10,000 in the stock market, or even affording a recommended 20 percent down-payment for a house. Creating 5 year goals for yourself is a good way to build motivation and learning wise money management skills. Motivation is built because of the challenge of achieving whatever five-year goal you’ve chosen. You’ll have to plan, budget and find ways to arrive at whatever amount you’ve set down the road. This in turn will instill good money management skills. Also, don’t be too disappointed if you haven’t reached your goal within the time-limit, as long as you’re making progress you’re on the right track.

Increase your Savings Rate

Another effective strategy is increasing your savings rate. Being a good saver is a very important quality to have when managing money. There are various ways you can increase your savings rate. For instance, instead of spending bonuses or raises right way, why not deposit them into a high-yielding savings account? If all your living expenses are covered, and any bonuses or raises end up being discretionary spending, it’s better to put that aside and create either a buffer or an emergency fund so that if you lose time at work, you’ll be covered. Other ways of increasing your savings rate is by looking for a part-time job if you’re main employer only requires you to work five days a week. Either that, or you can try to ask if there are any over-time opportunities at your place of employment. The extra income that you earn can be used to increase your savings rate.

Knowing your Debt to Income Ratio

Moreover, in order to build your wealth, you have to understand your income verses debt ratio. This involves knowing your total earnings and your total expenditure. There are some cases where the total expenditure within a given period of time (one month for instance) exceeds the total earnings. Under such circumstance, the net earnings of a person are negative and thus no wealth will be spared for the future. It will be very important to have more income than the expenditure so as to generate a lot of wealth.

Consider Hiring a Financial Adviser

Finally, it might be a good idea to hire a financial adviser so as to assist you in managing your finances and achieving your goals. This is an expert with a lot of experience and skills when it comes to managing finances. You may not be in a position to create wealth due to mismanagement of wealth. When you have an adviser, he/she will guide you on how to save and manage your wealth so as to build more. Just remember to do your research when selecting a financial adviser so that you can find the one that fits you best.

Tips on Training your Kids to be Frugal

One of the greatest gifts parents can give their children is teaching them how to save money. If you are already a parent, or you are planing to become one in future, then you should know that it is never too early to introduce your children on the basics of saving money and resources. How to train your kids to be frugal is still an elusive subject to most people. Here is a guide on what you can do to make it easier

Catch them young:

The first step towards making your kids frugal is acknowledging that it is never too early to initiate the concept of saving and managing money and other resources. Grab any opportunity to instill some lessons in them. For instance, if you go to the store with your young one and they insist on getting something you didn’t plan on buying; use that chance to tell them that everything in the store costs money, and if you grab without paying, there will be consequences. Sometimes, you have to teach them the hard way by saying No to their demands so that they know they don’t have to get anything they wish for.

Give them money:

The only way your kids will understand the value of money is by handling it and spending it. Give your children money, depending on their age, and supervise how they use it. For instance, you can give your 5 year old $10 as a gift and let them go to the store to spend it. You can then sit down with them and go through how they spent their money. Use the opportunity to give them tips on how to prioritize needs, what to do with what is left with their money, and the importance of saving money.

Make them earn money:

You can set up an allowance where they earn money for simple chores like helping with the baby, or setting the table and helping with cleaning up. This way, they start associating money with hard work from a tender age, and appreciate that you have to work to get money. The work given should correspond to their ages so that you don’t end up subjecting them to child labor.

Show them the value of saving money:

Whether it is a gift or money from their allowance, always teach them how to save from a young age. One of the ways that works is by identifying something that they really want, and tell them that if they save for it, you will pay for half of it. Once they start saving and seeing the money building up, it gives them a thrill and they will always want to do it! You can even tell them to save for a long term thing like a trip abroad, as a gift for their 18th birthday or something like that. With that, they get to see the real value of what savings can do.

You should appreciate the fact that kids learn mostly by example, and they watch how you manage your finances. If you sink into debts and blow your money on things you don’t need, then no matter what you tell your children, they may never take you seriously. The best way of how to train your kids to be frugal is by being responsible with your finances.